Shirley Ngozi Nwangwa

is a writer, theater actor and creator. She is a black, queer, cis-gender child of Nigerian immigrants and currently a master's student at NYU, studying journalism with a focus in literary reportage. 

Shirley is currently working on written pieces and is also producing audio. She has bylines in ARTnews Magazine, Untapped Cities: New York, Our Lives Magazine (Madison, WI queer mag) and Medium (via Fovrth Studios, Inc.)

She is here to tell stories centered around the experiences she has lived - intersectional identity, social justice, mental health and anything unconventional. Her stories will inform you, challenge you, incite you to action and take you to places you have never been and maybe to the places you have put off going.

Her forms are written, audio, video - the last part needs more filling out. As you move through the page, you will find links to published work, as well as an album of audio clips reported, produced and edited by Shirley, using Hindenburg audio editing software.